About Us

The story of how Fundae's began

In 2017 we started the process of opening up an ice cream shop in Whitestown. We saw a need for an ice cream shop in this area and so our adventures with Fundae’s began.

Our family loves ice cream. We celebrate our kids’ achievements with ice cream, a vacation is never complete without a stop to a local ice cream shop, but often times we just go to reconnect with each other and talk over a scoop. Life is hectic and busy, but we think it’s important to enjoy the small things in life, like ice cream!

We hope Fundae’s will be a place that you can make memories with your family. Come in, grab your favorite scoop, sit back, and relax. We’ve tried to make our store as family friendly as possible. We are always open to suggestions or comments, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

In the words of our then 2-year-old, “Ice Cream is so fun! I love it so much!” We agree and hope you do as well!