Employment Application

Whether it's your first job, your dream job or both!

Working at Fundae’s can be a fun and rewarding experience!

We are currently looking for year round day shift help at Speedway and Village of West Clay. All other shifts are fully staffed.

If you are looking for a fun job in a fast-paced environment, Fundae’s is the spot for you! We have fun, but we work hard too. Take a look at what we need/expect from all scoopers. If this is you, what are you waiting on?!

Hiring Expectations

We expect you to be courteous, friendly and respectful to all guests and team members. We want you to have fun at work, but at the same time we expect you to treat everyone with kindness and respect. We don’t tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind.

When you are working, you work as a team with your other scoopers and we expect you all to work together. You may be working with people you wouldn’t normally hang out with, at work you are one team and everyone is treated as such.

We go the extra mile for our customers. We need you to want to do that, and be prepared to do so.

Flexibility: We try to be as flexible as possible. With that being said, our busy times are evenings and especially weekends. These are times when we need you to be available for work. If you are unavailable during these times, it is likely, this is the place for you.

Scheduling: School responsibility comes first. We don’t expect you to work on prom or other big school events, we do expect that you keep your availability up to date and you communicate your availability. We don’t expect that you work every Friday and miss every football game, but we do expect you to work some Friday evenings, during football season, we ask that you commit to 2 Fridays/month.  

Our minimum scheduling requirement is that you work one weekend closing shift, 1-2 after school shifts each week, and one other weekend shift (day or night). We average 10-15 hours per week during school, winter time is often less. Once the schedule has been published, your schedule becomes your responsibility.

Communication: This is key! We need to know if something isn’t working for you, if you have an idea or think we should be doing something differently, we want to hear from you.

Work: Working at Fundae’s is WORK. It’s fun, but there are many moving parts. It involves lots of cleaning, lots of customer interaction and you must be able to multitask and take initiative.


We understand that this is likely your first job. It’s another step toward adulthood. Truth be told, it’s one of our favorite things about running Fundae’s! We are devoted to making this a positive experience and know that it’s a learning experience. We treat it as such. With that being said, we expect to hear from the applicant/our employee. We want to hear their thoughts, opinions and think that being their own advocate is an important skill for adulthood. So please make sure that your child completes this application, they reach out to us for job details, and they reach out to us with issues or problems should they arise. We want this to be a positive experience for all involved and hope they can take what they have learned going forward.  We expect to communicate with our applicant/employee for all employment needs/questions and not parents.