Ice cream is a universal treat!  Adults and kids alike love ice cream.

Our scoop bus and ice cream cart are a great addition to your larger events.


Our To Go options are best suited for birthday parties and smaller gatherings.

Our Bus and Cart Options are best suited for those larger parties like Corporate Events or Weddings. These are great options for events with over 150 ice cream consumers. 

Have a smaller gathering in mind? No problem, we got you!  We have Tubs To Go and Scoops To Go options available for those situations.  We will get your ice cream items prepared for you and make sure you have everything you need to make your event a success. You can come in and pick up your party to go or we will bring it to you! 

We’re happy to customize something special for your event.  Let us know how we can help!

img cooler

We’ll drop it off at your event!

Ice Cream Cooler

An easy solution for a budget-friendly event! The Fundae’s Cooler is perfect for those events, the cooler comes packed with cups of ice cream ready to pass out to all of your guests. We’ll drop it off for a $25 fee within a 10 mile radius of a Fundae’s location.

img crock

Pick up or we’ll drop it off!

Ice Cream Crock

Another great option for when you or helpful volunteers want to be the scoopers at your event. Each crock holds a 3 gallon carton, keeps it cold for 2-4 hours, and will serve about 50 single scoops. Pick it up or we’ll drop it off for a $25 fee within a 10 mile radius of a Fundae’s location.

On-site Catering

Fundae's Scoop Bus

Our scoop bus is fully set up to serve your next event. The scoop is great for large outdoor events, corporate events, customer appreciation days, etc. We can serve 14 flavors of ice cream and can customize flavors at your request.

Pre-Scooped and ready for you (or us!) to serve

Ice Cream Cart

Our ice cream cart loaded with pre-scooped cups of ice cream is best suited for events at your home. We are able to pre-scoop 125-600 cups of ice cream so that you can easily serve your guests at your leisure. Cart can be plugged in to keep ice cream frozen for longer events.

Bus On-site Pricing

  • On-site Scoop Bus Fee $75
  • Bus Minimum $1,000

    Includes 2 hours of scoop time

Item Pricing

  • Single Scoop $5.25
  • Double Scoop $7.00
  • Junior Scoop $4.50
  • Waffle Cones $1.00
  • Single Sundae $7.75
  • Double Sundae $9.25
  • Root Beer Float $7.75
  • Add Toppings $1.00 ea.
  • Toppings Bar Available

Prices do not include gratuity

Above pricing is for a single invoice and will be billed at the end of your event. Event cannot be opened up to the general public for individual payments. If under minimum amount, this amount is not able to be transferred to be used toward in store purchases

  • Bus is $1,000 Minimum, includes 2 hours of scoop time
  • Each additional hour increases the minimum by $500
  • Mileage: $4.00/mile (one way)after 10 miles from 7165 Whitestown Parkway.
  • $200 deposit required. Deposit will be applied to final bill total. Deposit is forfeited if event is cancelled within 48 hours.
  • Any fees incurred for this event will also be included in the final bill. (i.e. Special permits, entrance fees, etc.)

Mileage, tax and additional scoop hours are not included in
the minimum.

Cooler Pricing

  • Cooler Drop Off - Delivery $25

    Drop off within 10 mile radius of our Whitestown location.

  • Single Scoop $5.25
  • Double Scoop $7.00

25 scoop minimum, max 125 scoops per cooler. Tax not included. Replacement cost will be billed if items not returned within 48 hours.

Crock Pricing

  • Single Crock & scoop rental $20

    Must be returned within 48 hours of the start of your rental time.

  • 3 Gallon Carton per Crock $100

    includes 1 sleeve of cups & 50 spoons. Will serve about 50 single scoops.

  • Crock Drop Off - Delivery $25

    Drop off within 10 mile radius of our Whitestown location. Free pick up option is available.

Replacement cost will be charged if items are not returned. Unused ice cream/partial cartons cannot be returned. Tax not included.

Ice Cream Cart Pricing

Option 1:

  • Cart Drop Off - Delivery $100

    Unmanned, drop off at your location.

  • Cart Minimum $750

    $750 will provide about 125 scoops. Tax is not included in minimum

One flavor per 25 scoops. We’ll arrange pickup within 24 hours. 

Option 2:

  • Staffed Cart $250

    includes delivery and 1 employee on-site to scoop for 2 hours.

  • Cart Minimum $1,000

    $1,000 will get about 125 scoops. Tax and gratuity is not included in minimum.

Ready to schedule some Fundae's magic for your next event?